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Indian Abacus Private Limited (Group Company) the pioneers in the field of Abacus education in India, since 1999. Indian Abacus company has launched its newly invented state-of-the-art Indian Abacus Digital and Indian Abacus Non-digital both for students and tutors and the program to make the children of the age group – 5 to 13 years, benefits much more than ever before. Indian Abacus products and the program structured training Material are the results of 14 years of background research.

Indian Abacus company with the background of 14 years of success in the development of products in Abacus education and strategies in marketing the concept of Abacus based Arithmetic calculations has been able to bring in a revolution in the field by innovating and evolving Abacus tool. The children can now learn the concepts easier (stress-free), understand faster and practice better to attain the skills to do fast & accurate mental arithmetic calculations by image of Abacus and the brains skills Concentration, Visualization, Listening which aid the children in their Imagination, Creativity and Memory skills additionally, helping them greatly in their academics.

Its improved design features make possible more qualitative visualization than the conventional Abacus which does not offer required scope for the visualization to attain its pinnacle. The color images projected by the operation of the upper or lower sliders through their upper and lower movements towards the bar represent the value positions. The color images and the representing values are very clear and more impacting in the Indian Abacus.
The design features, advantages, and the benefits explain the winning edge of Indian Abacus over the Conventional Abacus.
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The Objective of the product and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

Carefully developed course materials targeting specific Skills and Attitudes using Innovative Training Models

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution. The Objective of the product and program is to enhance the brain power of the children through image memory and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.



            "Indian Abacus kids show 5 times     improvement than the non abacus learning kids"

Parent's Feedback


C Shalini Mardi

After joining the Indian Abacus course at Karandih Jamshedpur, I could see remarkable improvement in the academic performance.

I only wish that more student should benefit out of this program. Thanks to Indian Abacus


Ashutosh Panigrahi

The daily practice of Indian Abacus for about 30 minutes also helped improve concentration, memory, visualization and confidence in me and now I can prepare any school project on my own. My experience from Indian Abacus education is that helps me assimilate ideas and manifest these ideas into reality. Indian Abacus really is a natural knowledge dispenser.


Sristhi Jha

I knew only Abacus with beads which were shaky and could not arrive at the correct answer. Whereas in the Indian Abacus even if we shake the answer will not change and stable and the colour images – Red and Green is visible even if we view at a distance and hence it is useful for stress-free learning. 



  1. Salient features of the products are, Unhide and hide the color images: The student while operating this Abacus moves the Lower and the Upper sliders to unhide and hide the color images which represent values. The display of color images and specific values makes the visualization many times better, stronger, faster, stress-free and error-freecalculation when compared to the earlier Abacus. 

  2. Indian Abacus – Digital for students, is designed for Online and Off-line coaching by connecting the PC or LAPTOP through USB portal and enable the children to learn - practice - test the abacus skills online - anywhere and anytime.

  3. Indian Abacus – Digital for Tutors, is designed for use by Tutors in the classroom for training the students. The hardware & software, MP3 player, Remote Control which is part of the tool enable the display of the answers of the calculations on the LCD and LED screen.

  4. The sliders stay put in the positions when the Abacus is vertically viewed while working and values don't get changed, and the Sliders are stable and firm, and thereby the answers will be perfect.

  5. Zero value positions: The slider's position showing colors which sink with cream color back round are considered as zero value position.

  6. Stress-free view: The color and no - color positions of slider remove the confusions and the pessimistic view.


  1. The purpose of our efforts to develop the Indian Abacus was to make the learning of the abacus based skills by children, Easier, faster and stress - free with particular focus to facilitate the children to learn numbers and identify them as colour images, to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide them in doing the calculations.

  2. The Indian Abacus is an educational counting tool for learning to do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, more particularly it helps in enhancing their brain skills such asCONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION, Listening Skill, Self Confidence, speed, and Accuracy by activating the right brain.

  3. Helps students to overcome the fears of mathematics and Academic excellence in all subjects.

  4. Mental Math: Initially the child moves the Sliders in the Physical Abacus to do arithmetic sums. After 3 level, the Child imagines the Abacus in its mind and can do arithmetic sums without the use of the physical Abacus.

  5. The Abacus based Mathematical skills remains in the brain as long-term memorythroughout their life and helps in their career development which in turn add to the human asset of the country.

  6. Indian Abacus tool for Tutor can be used in the Play Schools to teach numbers as a learning apparatus for the younger children of the age group 2 - 5 years.


Abacus is a wonderful instrument. It is one of many counting devices invented to help count numbers. It was earlier a counting board. This counting board was a mere wooden device with a frame that holds rods and freely-sliding beads mounted on them. A traditional abacus is defined as a counting frame used by numerous civilizations throughout history. The earliest known documentation of this is a Chinese version, which dates all the way back to the 2nd century BC

From the earlier counting device to Soroban and Zhuzuan, the Abacus has taken many improvements in its form. The evolution has taken long years. Although an ancient invention, many people continue to use the abacus today, as it has been observed that regular use of this instrument has many mental benefits including an increased development on the right and left side of the brain.

Indian inventor, Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed, Managing Director and CEO, Indian Abacus Private Limited. Spotted a few flaws in this traditional contraption. Although he thought that it was an effective tool and beneficial in many ways, he had a unique idea of tweaking this old invention by making it digital. Transforming an ancient gadget with highly contemporary updates makes it more modern and therefore much more relevant to today's generation.

A basic abacus consists of two rows of beads arranged in a variable number of columns. Once you become more familiar with the function of the abacus, you can assign different values to perform more complex numerical operations. Mr. Basheer Ahamed observed that the problem with this system is that because the beads are all one color, the children are not able to gain an adequate mental picture long enough to assign to the value of each number. The abacus beads would immediately slide back into place, thus erasing the visual pattern repeatedly.

In his digital version of an abacus, he has cleverly designed chunky hexagon shaped switches rather than beads which are arranged similarly to the ancient frame. Instead of sliding the beads up and down, the user has to flick a switch, which displays specific colors - either red or/and green. The student while operating Indian Abacus moves the Lower and the upper sliders to unhide and hide the color images which represent values. The lower sliders when moved towards the bar unhide and display Green color images and similarly the upper sliders when moved towards the bar unhide and display Red color images. Thus with the display of color images the memory registry & later visualization in Indian Abacus is many times better - stronger and faster - when compared to the generic Abacus. Since Visualization is the key factor for better visual memory, Indian Abacus is much superior to its predecessor. With this essential updated tweak, the designs on the board can be visible for as long as the user wants, and therefore the user starts to subconsciously associate different images to different values of numbers, making the process much more comfortable and increasing the creative development of the right side of the brain simultaneously.



Indian Abacus is the pioneer and leader in Abacus based Mental Arithmetic Skill training since 1999. Indian Abacus spread across the country and the world who has a rich experience in guiding Franchisees and leading them in right path.

Take Indian Abacus Franchisee and become a boss of your own enterprises and give employment opportunities to other housewives too by making them tutors of your institution.


There is no need to scare about other abacus centres because ours is unique and preferred by most of the children as Indian Abacus is easy to hold, stress-free learning, colourful slider images and beautiful cream background.

Indian Abacus guides you with less investment and more profit-oriented business concept. Franchisees can generate money flow from the day one.

You will be associated with well-reputed brand and leader in Abacus Education

You can immediately get into the business and start teaching Abacus Education to children.

We provide systematic training and business guidance.

You will be appraised about the latest developments taking place in Indian and Abroad.

You get access to established standard procedures.

You will be motivated to expand business opportunity.

Are you a Housewife Looking for an opportunity?


We are on the lookout for entrepreneurs to join Indian Abacus family!


If you:


  • Can devote your full time and energy to run Indian Abacus Franchisee

  • can be passionate enough to impart excellent training and working with children.

  • have a solid business ethics and a good moral character.

  • are financially stable and capable to run an Indian Abacus Franchisee.

Then you are the right person we are looking for. So call us or mail us without losing time:

Mobile : 7488320037,7781956175


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General FAQ



What do the colour images in Indian Abacus indicate?


The colour images, when the sliders moving up and down while manipulating with the fingers reveal the colour images, which have the specific number values. Colour images facilitate better visual stimulus and help in memory anchoring better.



Does Indian Abacus training enhance memory skills in a child?


Indian Abacus through the training imparted to the children of the age group mentioned gain enhanced Visual, Auditory and Working memory.



How does this program help children face competition?


The basis of any competition is only speed and accuracy. Our programme helps the student achieve consistent accuracy and once this is achieved through constant practice the speed is improved. The accuracy and speed reflects on the memory of a child.



How does the Indian abacus and Mental Arithmetic Programme ensure the overall academic proficiency?


The result of the Programme is not confined to arithmetic only. The concept of thinking in pictures leads to better understanding and enhanced memory, which is basic for all academic studies. Thus the results of this program can be witnessed in all subjects.

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We are on the lookout for entrepreneurs to join Indian Abacus family!

If you:


  • Can devote your full time and energy to run Indian Abacus Franchisee

  • can be passionate enough to impart excellent training and working with children.

  • have a solid business ethics and a good moral character.

  • are financially stable and capable to run an Indian Abacus Franchisee.

Then you are the right person we are looking for. So call us or mail us without losing time:
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