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Women Voting


It has been a very enriching for all of us , at Indian Abacus. Some of us found our passion; some of us found our identity, some of us found our financial independence and all of us found our dream unfolding year on year… If you are looking for an Organisation , where you can follow your dream, be whom you are and be appreciated for it, love what you do and in doing all of it significantly impact the mental potential of children - then Discover yourself at Indian Abacus.

What we are looking for

We are looking for self motivated energetic individuals who are passionate of doing every activity with the child in mind, building healthy relationships with all concerned, take responsibility and want to learn and share continuously. If you are excited by all the above and share the passion of help children and get paid to do what you enjoy – Indian Abacus is the place for you!

Indian Abacus is a breeding ground for talent, we believe your talent and passion can be more important in building this organization, which builds skills for excellence in Gen Nxt.

If you want to be part of this vibrant team, share your CV, we’ll find you a place, suitable for your talent.

Go ahead!! Call us On 7488320037 7781956175

or drop an email on our team will contact you.

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